On 7th May during WHFB tournament ARENA held in Cracow were organised painting contest for all participants. Each edition of this contest is specially dedicated from gamers to gamers to honour their painting efforts.

Usually contest are placed by professional and semi-professional miniature painters. Because of this the level of painting quality is usually quite high and that makes regular gamers to avoid such contests, as they didn`t find appropriate to even start with those (hard to blame them). In case of ARENA the contest is dedicated to gamers and all entries should be validate for gaming purpouses. I participated the ARENA from the very beginning, but this year I was asked by organizer – Cracow Legion gaming club, to take the honours of a judge. I must admit that I haven`t thought that this could be so hard!  Below I present the gallery of contests entries:

1st place -cat. Hero
2nd place - cat. Hero
1st place - cat. Unit
1st - cat. Large Model


Some other entries