It took me some time to organize all the stuff with this website. And finally here it is!

Hello friends!

The main idea of creating this website or so called blog was to collect all my miniature related stuff – starting from painted miniatures, through tutorials and ending on reviews and other articles, and put it into one place where I could share it. I put a a lot of effort not only on building this website (it`s always great to learn something new! even if that is CSS ;)), but also I`ve organized some equipment to make updates easier, like a camera tripod or a new painting lamp (review of it will be published soon).

What could be found here?

Figures of course. Painted, works in progress, reviews of minis and tools, tutorials and hobby tips and some more journalistic texts related to the miniature and wargaming world. I hope that every mini enthusiast will found something for himself.

How often will be updates?

Well, we will see. I`ll try to make an update at least one per week. Even if this won`t be a painted mini than I would put some kind of hobby suprise. There are always some unfinished projects in my closet ;)

A word of thanks

I wish to thanks all the persons who helped me to built this site and has supported me:

Arek Wilk – great webmaster who can crack almost each code ^^

Robert Aksamitowski – a graphic designer who gave Figartes its funny icon