Szary`s bring some new ratmen to his horde. Check out the glittering green machinery!

SZARY: In 1997 I painted my very first figure and it was a rat (metal giant rat from Skaven Packmaster blister). Following that the next figure was a metal Skaven Slave, then another Skaven slave, and another, so on… Funny thing that for years this rattish phenomen still hasn`t make me bored yet :)

Today I would like to share some new reinforments that I added to my Skaven army. The first thing is a strange machinery (or is it just awful design?) of Clan Pestilens Plagueclaw Catapult. Painted in real metallics with some experiments on weathering, rusting and scratching all the stuff.

Plagueclaw Catapult (Jan`14)
Plagueclaw Catapult (Jan`14)

The second addon is a small regiment of Gutter Runners, dated back in the 6th edition (that was about March 2002!). That was on wave of miniaturizing those pesky rats. Some of you remember whole bunch of Marauder models from ninetis, which were quite big (as for a ratmen). Well, on the opposite GW decided to bring those tiny Gutter Runners, which are one of the smallest models in the whole range! With all the bits and details they are a pain the a…. I mean in painting. Take a look and judge on your own:

Skaven Gutter Runners - 6th ed. (Jan`14)
Skaven Gutter Runners – 6th ed. (Jan`14)