Pining metal models can be harsh. Try this tip to make it easier.

Welcome again. This time we will talk about how to make strong and solid pins for metal minis. Lots of us have problems with gluing togheter
metal with metal or metal with pvc. I wanna introduce my method which I think is strong enough and easy to do. Lets make it right now, step by
step with photos.

First what we need: is a drill with 1mm bid, take a mini and drill hole in place where we will join certain elements togheter.

After that prepare a modelling put for filling up the hole with it, im using Milliput which is very strong after it dries. Of course everybody
have some favorite stuff to use in modelling. It might be green stuff or Poxilina, the choice is up to you. Also prepare super glue for gluing it togheterafter we plug pins.

Now we will make pins, for that we can use anythink what is 1mm or little bit less in size so its fit well in to holes (for ex. clips or paper pins).

Fill up holes with put like on photo below.

The next step is good to have some tray where we will spill some glue for easy use. Before we will plug pins in to holes with put, will sink it in to glue for creating strong bond inside holes.

Glue the pins only in body part of minis so you can create diferent positions of arms after while for all squad members and glue it when you think is the right time. Right time it may be befor painting it or after painting its all up to you.

Hope it will help for those who had any bad experience with gluing together metal minis.