A new collectioner model of empire duellist was a great opportunity to bring on a spirit of the classic Warhammer style.

A friend of mine for who I usually paint his Empire characters has recently brought me another model to take a look on. This time was quite newish mianiature of young nobleman, described by GW as a “Duellist”. The model comes in Mail Order service together with another noble, but definetely less attractive.

The idea

This time requests for painting were almost none. Except one thing – the boy should to look very young, handsome, with a bit of French renaissance feeling. After some research I decided to go strictly into Eavy Metal style as it was presented by Mike Anderson on his sculpt Empire Free Company:

Empire Free Company by Mike Anderson

This mini speak for itself and no other additions are needed for such atmosphere. Taking into account that my model is mostly dedicated for gaming purpouses it`s  abvious, that I couldn`t go for such delicate base and only the painting itself could be my added value.

The model

Without furthermore bragging I would like to present to you, ladies and gentlemen, a young nobleman (I called him Antoine ;))

Empire Citizen Noble (Mar`11)
Empire Citizen Noble (Mar`11)


I hope it will meet with yours expectacions. C&C are welcome as usuall!