After about 20 years being present in Poland Games Workhshop is finally going to open the first official store in Warsaw. Is that a small step for bigger invasion or just one-shot decision for having representative shop?

Games Workshop is the most popular miniatures manufacture in Poland. It is estimated that GW is present in Poland from early `90. Has also organized two Golden Demon contests (2008-2009), and a few Grand Tournaments. Polish community is also well organized, for about 6 years now running two leagues of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000. Moreover – Polish players have introduced the idea of European Team Championships in those two games (it began in Gorzow Wlkp in 2006), which are now very popular international competitions.

All those facts were quite opposite to the suprising fact that since the begining Games Workshop hasn`t opened the official store. That lead to the grow of independent stockist in Poland like a Bard Centrum Gier, and many others. Thanks to that the fight for customer has been very competetive Polish players could buy gaming stuff on affordable level in their country.

That was up today. From the information on official Games Workshop Career page we find that GW has finally decided to run an official store which will be located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. That`s a good news for players, because the official stores are always better equiped and has quick access to the special offers like a Mail Order service. Not mentioning that they are known for putting a lot effort and money into eye-catching promotions and events around the store.

One of the officila GW stores in UK.

On the other hand – I`m not sure if GW is ready for a very brutal fight with Polish rivals, who offer today much more than GW branded products. This decision could be only an experiment to check the market, but it can also be a first step to go further on Polish market of tabletop games. It`s even more suprising that GW decided to go with stationary store in time when on Polish market the online shops and internet auctions ( instead of are main source of gaming miniatures and accessories with prices lower about 10-30% than suggested by producers.

Interior of a store of independent retailer Cytadela in Warsaw.

I encourage you to show off in comments your own thoughts on this topic, how you predict the development of GW network in Poland and how they influence local market with theirs stores being present.