A dwarfish blow from early nineties!

After some painting break I finally managed to make a quick and easy paintjob. A friend asked me to continue painting of his dwarfs which I started a few years back. The opportunity to paint some metal oldschool casings was an offer I couldn`t refuse!

  • A small portion of those beardlings counts only eight models: 6 hammerers and 2 musicians. Each one took about 2,5 hour of painting. The blue-green color scheme was already imposed, so I couldn`t figure anything new. Personally I`m not a great fun of mixing greens and blues next to each one…
  • Because miniatures are intended for gaming purposes I used simple painting on edges and heavily washed minis for best effect at short time. At the end models were sprayed matt varnish.

    The final effect

    Dwarf Hammerers