Die-die manlings!

Hi guys!

After some longer break I`m happy to present you some of my recent works. This time all of them are ratmen from my private collection. This features:

  • the clone-brothers Assassins – made for the 6th edition of Skaven armybook
  • Battle Standard Bearer – a limited version, when GW was selling large pack armydeals with limited castings of BSB
  • Doomwheel – a super-heavy model (all full metal) designed by renowned Colin Dixon around 1993.

Just take a look!

Skaven Eshin Assassin (Nov`15)  Skaven Eshin Assassin (Dec`16)  Skaven Battle Standard Bearer (Limited Ed.) (Jan`16)  Skaven Doomwheel









Uff, that`s all for now. Just another 800 left to be done ^^