Because hard orcs can always be harder.

Kuczek is pushing models one by one. This time Kromlech ask her to prepare display models for their new releases of orcs. The goal was to stay in minimalistic color scheme, with green skin and and black leather. Kuczek decided to start with pack leader, Snagrat Kromm:

Snagrat Kromm
Snagrat Kromm from

When the squad leader was done and accepted she went further with painting squad members. To add some focus points to this simple color scheme Kuczek decided to add some extra freehand chess pattern on the shoulder pads. With precise crisp edge-lining the whole squad went out like this:

Armoured Orc Company
Armoured Orc Company for

If you have your own ideas for painting those orcs then just write it down in comments. Maybe Kuczek will use some of them in her next project?:)