On 6th October 2012 in Warsaw we held the biggest and most important painting competition in Poland. Here is my short coverage from this event.

The great painting event is over and many comments were written. I must admit, that I`m still under a big impression of many works which I could seen there. Many different styles, but most of works were on a pretty high level. For many years I managed to see and participate in many contests in Poland and this one was the toughest of all for now. Thats a mainly because of presence many renowned Polish painters such as Ana, Ctan, Camelson, Lan, Karol Rudyk, Loler and many others. We had also two foreign quests – including Nakatan from Russia (who won grand prix and sabre in the end) and Zaphod Beeblobrox from Germany.

Together with my wife Kuczek, we decided to make a trip and take part in the contest. It was organized in easy to find place in Dom Kultury Rakowiec in southern part of Warsaw downtown. On the spot we found gallery room with lots of cabinets filled with great miniatures and a plan for some more activities to fulfill time of waiting for the final. Here I would like to especially pick out some models that took my eye. No doubt one of them is Bretonnian knight from Loler for his remarkable freehands.

Beside shopping (buying a nice mini is not a crime, right?) we listen to the lecture about sculpting in 3D software and even try it on our own thanks to presence of big Intuos tablets. From this place I put great thanks to Przemas from MaxMini for his guidance ;)

Szary making first steps into 3D sculpting (and tablet too)
Szary making first steps into 3D sculpting (and tablet too)
Kuczek taking advanced tips from Przemas
Kuczek challenging bust in 3D
Kuczek challenging bust in 3D

Some of painters could have try their skills in speed painting competition. 20 minutes for a mini, and paints switch after a each few minutes made provided some interesting effects.

Speed painting competition
Speed painting competition

The grand final had place in some kind of theatric hall with scene and lightning, which make this moment quite special. It was nice to see all the winners, the photo of their mianiature put on the back wall and everything with good exposure. It reminds me Golden Demon final, but maybe on smaller scale. I had also opportunity to take my humble part in decoration as my entry got honourable mention (which make me really happy after a 1,5 year break from hobby). More about my miniature I will post later in different post.

 After the final we had some nice time during social meeting in canteen. Talking about miniatures and not only over a beer or two brings people together ;)

After party ;) Source: masterminis.net
There are no borders! Source: masterminis.net

If you wondering if it`s worth to go to Hussar or not I can offer you a simple reply – you will be regreting if not. Thanks to ałl painters and organizers of this contest for a really nice weekend!

Some more photos can be also found here: Jarek “Toll” Kowalski photos, Zaphod`s photos on G+ and his blog, “Wojna w Miniaturze” (polish).

Winner list – following Mahon from Chest of Colors, also a judge:

75 entries in the main competition


1.Adam Hałon [LOLER] – “Bretoński Rycerz”
2.Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “King’s Man”
3.Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Co ja pacze”
Honourable mentions:
Jarek Drabek [CAMELSON] – “Yarry”
Radosław Bartnik [LEMARTES] – “Tomb King”
Michael Bartels [ZAPHOD] – “Ode to Raffa”
Magdalena Wróbel – “Captain of the Empire”
Michał Cios – “Regimentarz Stanisław Lubomirski”
Michał Pisarski [LAN STUDIO] – “Isabela von Carstein”
Przemek Wałęga [PRZEMO] – “Goblin”
Przemek Jacko [SZARY] – “Caradryan the Sea Fenix”


1.Melnikov Ivan Victorovich [NAKATAN] – “Last mistake of sgr Joe”
2.Artur Żółtowski [ARTUR] – “Ork”
3.Karol Rudyk – “Chaos Lord”
Honourable mentions:
Michał Orzeł – “Still searching”
Adam Hałon [LOLER] – “Chaplain”
Michał Gendek – “Imperial Fist Veteran”
Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “Geisha Assassin”
Michał Pisarski [LAN STUDIO] – “God of Winter”
Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Time for dinner”


1.Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Chocolate Factory”
2.Melnikov Ivan VIctorovich [NAKATAN] – “Hard Corps vs Hive Mind”
3.Adam Hałon [LOLER] – “Obcy”
Honourable mentions:
Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “Orc Warboss & Grot”
Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk [IGNIS] – “Black & White”
Jarosław Borzdyński – “Karabidae & Krapbots”
Przemek Wałęga [PRZEMO] – “Bunt”
Michał Jankiewicz – “Orc Buggy”
Piotr Karpiński – “Dzidy”


1.Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN] – “Goldfish”
2.Melnikov Ivan VIctorovich [NAKATAN] – “In the Land of Giants”
3.Iga Walczewska-Bińczyk [IGNIS] – “Time”
Honourable mentions:
Marek Borowski [KERAM] – “Gorbad the Headhunter”
Jarek Drabek [CAMELSON] – “Hellbrute”
Ania Machowska [AŃA] – “Nokjaegerin”
Jarosław Borzdyński – “Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought”

Best Junior
Marek Borowski [KERAM] – “Gorbad the Headhunter”

Grand Prix
Melnikov Ivan Victorovich [NAKATAN] – “Last mistake of sgr Joe”

1.Łukasz Grzyb [CTAN]
2.Filip Marković [NAMELESS]
3.Tomasz Wolski

Congrats to all winners!