Underestimated on the battlefield, but a great model in the cabinet. Vermin Lord in its true, warpstone glory.
Copy or not to copy?

I always have huge plans for my miniatures. So big that usually I don`t have time or materials for them – mostly both. The same was with my Vermin Lord who layed at the shelf in pieces for a few years at least. Until I found a nice article in White Dwarf no. 360 where Joe Tomaszewski has described how he dealed with that deamon. It`s no suprise thatI`m trying to bring my style of painting close to the Eavy Metal standards so when I had a nice model and ready recipe for him, then the painting was about to begin. Fortunately that time I went sick (I`m lucky, am I?) so I had a few days staying at home to take a decent time for my pupil.

The model itself has been designed by Michael Perry around 1993. Beside the passing time it`s still a great avatar of the Horned Rat. As I said, the inspiration and painting method was mostly taken from Joe`s model, and where I could I just tweaked it to set the miniature in the mood of my whole army.

Final effect
Vermin Lord
Vermin Lord