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Today, in era of well-known plastic kits, each gamer is trying to make his models in various ways. They are easy to assemble, have many external equipment and can be glued in quite few positions. That`s a lot, don`t you think? But those gamers who started their adventure with lead figures will loudly say that metal minis will always had one thing that plastic won`t – they have a soul. When you achieve to collect a whole unit of metal models where each one is totally different you will understand what I mean.

This time I had once more such rare opportunity to take care of 14 metal Dwarf crossbowmen. Mostly designed around`86-`87, a few I guess from `92 or `93. And each one is basically different, with own story to be told. Even the shining metal is presenting proudly.

Finished unit

This unit is a next commission from a Dwarf army that I paint from time to time. The color scheme is just following the previous Dwarf Hammerers.

After some work the whole bunch is presenting just like this:

Dwarf Crossbowmen (May`11)

Dwarf Crossbowmen (May`11)

Comments and critics are warmly welcome.

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  1. Inkub 07/06/2011

    Część to nawet modele Marauder Miniatures. Moim zdaniem to był złoty okres krasnali w GW, piękne rzeźby, pełne charakteru i świetnie bronią się do dziś, zarówno detalami jak i pozami. Piękna sprawa.

  2. Szary 08/06/2011 — Post Author

    Dokładnie tak! W sumie to chyba większość to jeszcze Marauder, zanim GW ich wykupiło całkiem. A mi się te modele najbardziej podobały. Były masywne troszkę, większe od innych, ale bardzo dopracowane i różnorodne. Nie to co teraz, gdzie prawie wszystko idzie już z komputera…

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