New year starts now. So does Figartes. Check what new have prepared for you.


All the best for all of you miniature lovers! I wish you new minis, more time for hobby, cheaper prices and more space for all the new stuff you want to add to yours collections this year ^^.

A new year has just arrived and we have feeling that will be awesome. Here at Figartes it starts from today! For past few days we renew a bit some stuff, including our website. We refreshed some sections like About us and Contact and added a whole new section Commission, where you can find all the details about ordering painting at Figartes. Don`t miss to visit a Gallery, where we uploaded some new works worth to check out. Also we made some major technical tweaks on overall website so it`s now easier and more accesible to view.

And that`s not all! This year will be much different as we start with all the punch. So stay tuned as there are coming new articles, tutorials, miniatures and even some free stuff to win or download;)

Without further ado we sit back to work – the last 2013 was a bit quiet and it`s time to catch some things a bit.

So take care and have fun painting guys!

Kuczek & Szary