Games Workshop website has introduced Polish version and offers a special miniature for Polish orders.

A few days ago Games Workshop finaly decided to appreciate the polish market and has opened their polish version of website. That`s another significant step to establish official GW presence in Poland. The next step will be probably the 1st official store in Warsaw (I have already written about that). Beside adding a new currency to the shop I haven`t found any other mark of polish language, but we will see what future brings.

Another interesting thing is that GW website decided to make small promotion for all polish hobbists (and btw to annoy a bit independent resellers) and has released once again a model of Space Marine sergeant in limited series. For all those who order online an order for min. 250 PLN (approx. $76) it will be added for free. It`s not said precisely from what kind of materila it will cast. Personally I will guess that it`s more likely to be metal, because this model was released earlier and probably they have some portion of it left somewhere in the warehouse.

Web Exclusive Space Marine Sergeant

More info about the “exclusive” miniature can be found here on Games Workshop website. Is anyone willing to place an order?