Hammer them down!

Hi guys!

This is my work for Polish painting competition Hussar 2015, which earned me a honourable mention in the end. To be honest that`s all I was counting on as this piece never was intended to be painted for the competition purposes. Just a few days before the contest I just grabbed a bunch of those models I painted for a friend in the past few months. After some renovation (those models were heavily played on battlefields) I putted 20 of them on a display board and added a custom designed plaque.
If you like you can check some details on the previous photos: runesmith, standard bearer and some warriors.

Thanks for all friend who I met again: Michal from Lan Studio, Lukasz from fantasygames.com.pl, Camelson, Karol Rudyk, Ana & Mahon from Chestofcolors, Slawol, Bohun, Zulus, Dima, Zaphod (Painting Buddha), Frost from Devil`s Miniatures and congrats to all winners!


Guldursons Hammerers (Oct`15)
Guldursons Hammerers (Oct`15)