Hammer. That`s all he need to forge the true power!

I love those metal miniatures made by Marauder company in early 90. They are maybe a bit cumbersome, but they have a lot of character! And they were made in metal, sculpted by hand. Not like todays all those flashy-3D design-pixel perfect puppets. Argh… times are changing. For better, I hope!

Today I would like to present these little fellow, who was lying around the studio for a while:

Dwarf Runesmith (Apr`14)
Dwarf Runesmith (Apr`14)

For this model I decided to add something subtle and extra. At the those were simple freehand ornaments on the clothes and scottish tartan pattern on cloak. Inspiration went from this examples:

MacNeil_Bara wr296r 602_Milne_of_Corstorphine_Tartan mackenzietartan