Hammer them down, you drunk fools!

I`m a big fan of metal miniatures. I know that metal has it dwarbacks as a material to cast and work with on the miniature. But lets face it – when you take the mini into your hand – you feel the wieght of art :) That`s one of the reasons I like to paint those little dwarfish fellas. This time I managed to paint the whole squad of them, a 16 models in total. Those bunch is a real mix of Games Workshop range between 1984-1992. You can find some oldies that were cast with some amount of lead, and also some of the first Marauder models cast in brand new “white metal”.

No matter what alloy was used all those models have their own unique character. That`s why I decided to bring them some historic background for most of them. If you take a closer look you will find a senior dwarf inspired by Panoramix (from Asterx&Obelix), a crusader within the Yellow Duck order, pair of well drunk drummers, some viking-related dwarfs and others.

Dwarf Hammerers (Apr`15)
Dwarf Hammerers (Apr`15)

The colour scheme for those models was the same I used before for other units within this army: Crossbowmen, Battle Standard Bearer, Warriors or Runesmith. All of them you can find in our Dwarf army gallery.

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