Glittering symbol of dwarfish pride. The army battle standard stands up.

With so many new challenges and things to be done around I have so rare time and opportunity to close myself with some mini and focus on painting the model from the start to the very end. But happily it happens ;)

Sticking to the color scheme I was painting some last dwarfs (blue/green/white) I took up a fancy miniature of army standard bearer. This was the metal version yet (worthy mentioning while they still are on the market). To have some fun I tried some new metallic techniques that I peeped on Bohun minis. Only the material of flag seemed for me to be a bit strange if I tried it to paint in metallics, so I tried some glossy NMM.

Nothing very innovative here and still many practive for me ahead, but it`s nice to keep my brushes wet. Comments are warmly welcome.


Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer (Jan`12)
Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer (Jan`12)

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