The cloak-shadowed promise of death is here.

Hello guys!

The new 2015 year we are opening with my new paintjob for my private collection – the infamous Skaven Deathmaster Snikch (this model is the old fashion white metal piece).

At first I planned to paint model according to the original paintjob from GW by master painter Darren “razza” Latham – mostly for my own training. Darren painted the Studio version, which you can see on the Games Workshop website (that was one of the last models he painted as a member of Eavy Metal staff, before moving to sculptor department). Later on he recreated his painting with NMM version, which you can find in his CMON gallery.
Well, during painting something struck me again, because I decided to go with my own colour scheme, taking some ideas for inspiration (for ex. warpstone glow, rat nose). Base is the poorest part, but I wanted it to suit to the rest of my existing army. The color scheme is a bit of mix of Darren`s choice and my army`s colors. Funny thing is, that just after I made photos and uploaded them to my Facebook gallery I noticed what someone wrote about putting red-blue-green in one tiny place ^^. Well, truth is – be very, but very careful with mixing that three of those together :)

And here he is, in all his glory:


Skaven Deathmaster Snikch (Jan`15)
Skaven Deathmaster Snikch (Jan`15)

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