While a new stunning Ogre Kingdoms models are approaching from GW, Szary decided to try his skills with those also. But not only with one or a few, but with the entire army! Take a look on the first view into "Ogre Kingdoms renovation army" project.

Having opportunity to buy out the whole army from my old friend I decided to give it a shot. As you can see on the photos below the minis are in a quite various conditions, some are really mint in blister or frame, while others need serious washing to strip paint of. I thought that it will be a great project to show how this poor army could change into a fully colour army ready for rambling on the battlefield.!

Ogre army before renovation
Some ogres ready for washing


A metal models

Thats a spotlight on my new purchase. The next step will be putting all the models into an ArmyBuilder in order to prepare an armylist which will be suitable for a tournament. After that I will be able to make time estimation for apinting each unit and compare it to my real life schedule. I will try to keep you updated about progress in this crazy project.

If you have any questions or your own ideas how this army should look don`t hestitate to say it loud! With an ogre salutation – WOOOORGHH!!