Wild and cold-blooded Manticore, is one of the most deadliest creatures in Dark Elves arsenal. Take a closer look on this malicious predator if you dare!
The first steps

Beastmaster on a Manticore is another project from Dark Elves army which I had opportunity to make. This time customer gave me more freedom with planning the colour scheme, although he really wanted to avoid typical for manticore reds and browns. Funny thing was that most artworks shows manticore with reddish fur and hair. After some research I found a few images that were good enough for an inspiration.

Manticore Stylesheet
Some photos from work in progress

Final effect

The Manticore is finally finished, after about 40h of work. Probably this time could be much shorter if I wasn`t experimenting a bit (and used an airbrush for some large parts!).

Dark Elf Beastmaster on Manticore (Feb`11)

Feel free to leave any of yours comments and impressions, concerning model and the post itself. I would be more than happy to hear from you what is the most interesting for you. And if you like this work don`t forget to vote on mini on CMON ;-)

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