Makaisson went insane even further.

The newest paintjob from Kuczek features not one but two models from the newest Dwarf range. While Szary was cleaning the old dwarfish stuff Kuczek was shooting with airbrush on those two flying bombers. You won`t believe how time consuming those models can be :-)

Dwarf Gyrobombers (Mar`14)
Dwarf Gyrobombers (Mar`14)

The idea for color scheme went from the collector himself. As a proud Polish citizen he wanted to emulate the colors of Polish air forces, especially planes from WWII. Here you can see some examples from that time:

Polish aircraft – PZL P11c. Source:
Polish bomber: PZL Karaś. Source:
Polish bomber: PZL 37 B ŁOŚ II. Source: