Marines! Here I summon from my hobby chest a new-old army of Blood Angels step-by-step. Take a look how my journey had started.
New army blog on Figartes

While Szary is working on his Ogre army meanwhile Rychu has started his next project – Blood Angels army from a scrap (sometimes literally). Here on Figartes he will publish his progress in this matter as also tips and tricks concearning modeling&painting such army.


Hi everybody! Here is Rychu. On this issue I will explain how to start and manage with such a big project like painting whole army in few months. First of all you need to assembly army on paper, what unit will be in army then ask you self how much you gona spend on it. Most important is to get the right minis whom will fit for you vision of army. For example like me I said to my self I will use only metal models for infrantry, which is a bit hard in age of PVC and “Fail-cast”. All is about money – if you have enough of it then ebay and some opportunites like shop sales in will provide enough aid.

Blood Angels at the very beginning
The begining

OK, when we have our minis we need to group them in squads and assign for them all equipment, weapon etc. Second thing is the cleaning all models from old paint, unless they are brand new or in a good condition like some of mine as you see on photos. Withe the Space Marines models we have a bunch of bits that we could easily mix togerther, so if some parts have unwanted parts like badges of ultramarines or dark angels (in my case) then grab a knife and file and remove them so they will fit to the chapter. Sometimes is hard to get metal minis from exactly army so we will have to support from other armies and then convert them (more about it in future).










When all work is done will start put that crap all together and for that we will gona need a few little tools like those:
sharp knife, battery drill, super glue, miliput stuff, 1mm metal wire, snips and pations.

In next issue I will demonstrate how to do a very strong pins for minis so tune up and be ready.