Take a peep look into a private wardrobe of a ballet dancer.

It is a real occassion, when Kuczek takes a break from her 28mm miniatures and paint something special. That was the case with the Pegaso Girl miniature – a La Danceuse to be exact. Kuczek was haunting for this model for a long time and when it finally arrived I knew there will be a real beauty from her. Just when the work on model started Kuczek decided to go with inspiration into recent ballete movie “Black Swan” and a take a bit of the character appeareance into the model. That`s why the she wears a black top. The model supposed to resemble the moment when dancer goes to her wardrobe after a successful performance and a take a call from… from her smile you can only guess from who :-)

Miniature first appeared public on a Hussar 2014, a Polish miniature painting contest where it was awarded with honourable mention in it`s category.

Hope you like this paintjob. Feel free to ask or leave a comment.

La Danceuse "Black Swan"