Is it possible to paint great monster in pink without feminine appearance so it still looks terrifying? Check now this violet violence!
Terror is Pink!

I rarely have opportunity to take up such huge model. And that was one of the main arguments to accept this commission.
This time friend of mine asked me to paint for him a classical version of Dark Elves Malekith on Black Dragon.
I received model directly from Mail Order and started planning the color scheme. The request of customer was to paint suitable to the pinks and violets in his army. I have already painted a Dark Elf Prince on Cold One to this scheme, so I have some feelings at the start.

The idea

My main intention was to find compromise between the feminine pinks&violets of the army theme and the dragons “black” type. It was obvious for me that I have to break with intensive pinks. So my first step before taking the model was to prepare stylesheet. Using simple Google graphic search I took some research on color schemes and motives which I could find useful for the miniature and to find the right mood for it. This idea I learned from my graphic designer colleague who is using this method for designing ads. The finished stylesheet is shown below.

Stylesheet for painting dragon


A dragon itself is a combination of plastic and metal elements. Thus it makes it a bit unbalanced and fragile to any damage on the gaming table. Bearing this in mind I found some crucial spots on the model and strenghten them with metal pins. Even the legs were firstly cutted in ankles and pinned before priming to avoid any brokes in future.

Model ready for painting

Also wings and rider itself received strong pins for joins to achieve hard skeleton. At this point I decided to paint dragon body, both wings, Malekith and his cape separately.


At first I primed the model in Chaos Black and secondly primed white from the up, take out the details. Then I started painting with base colors. Here I give some mixtures:

Pink skin

  1. BASE: (GW) Tentacle Pink 70% + (GW) Fortress Grey 30%
  2. SHADE: glazes of: (GW) Regal Blue; (GW) Liche Purple; (GW) Devlan Mud; (RMS) Burgundy Wine
  3. HIGHLIGHTS: pink-grey + (GW) Bleached Bone; + (GW) Skull White


Under skin: pink the same as above. The webfoot:

  1. BASE: (GW) Liche Purple 60% + (GW) Regal Blue
  2. SHADE: glazes of: (VGC) Smoke; (GW) Chaos Black
  3. HIGHLIGHTS: liche-regal + (GW) Bleached Bone; + (GW) Skull White

Workshop during painting a dragon

And after some time of fighting myself the model is finished. Here I present the Pink Terror!

Malekith on Black Dragon
Malekith on Black Dragon