Here comes the dwarfish cavalry, just from the sky.

This miniature is particulary rare. According to resources from The Stuff of Legends the gyrocopter model comes from 1991 and for the first time appeared in Red Catalogue. It`s hard to say who exactly was behind the sculpt of it. One of our long-standing collectors found this miniature on ebay and brought it to us in this condition:

Dwarf Gyrocopter. Found on Ebay, before repainting

It took some time and some really high-active chemical liquids to recover the model to it`s primary shape. But that was essential before I went farer.

Gyrocopter after carefull cleaning and scrubbing old paint.

After some work with pinning and trying to find the most comfortable way of putting all model together I went to painting. The colour scheme was already provided (yep, those are the same blue-green dwarfs like before), so there was not so much place for inventions. I just sticked to the greasy feeling of Makaisson`s machinery. The effect you can see here:

Dwarf Gyrocopter (Apr`15)
Dwarf Gyrocopter (Apr`15)

Ok, if you managed to this very end I own you a word of explanation about this miniature. As a player I have a very mixed feelings about Dwarf race as a whole (my Skavens don`t have enough luck usually) so I wanted to revenge in some way and make a subtle joke. That`s why the pilot was painted as he was wearing a pijama :-)