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The things are changing, thats the fact. And we are no exclusion. I would like to inform you my dear hobbists that Figartes is moving now from Cracow to Warsaw, and that would be happening on a days. Because of it I`m forced to hang up painting so long as it takes the new workshop get set, approximately a month. That could also affect my activity within the blog, as a new job and flat would take my time fully within first days.

On the other hand there are a new opportunites ahead. Hope to meet some Warsawian painters closer, make some new friends and paint more and better ;)

So cross the fingers and wish me luck to say happily come back in August or even earlier!

Date: July 1st, 2011
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  • http://daith.blogspot.com Daith

    Hope to meet You and grab a beer or two sometime :)

  • Szary

    Definietly! As soon I will sort my things out I will try to meet with old friends and meet some new ones ;) And thanks for the invitation!

  • http://www.camelson.blogspot.com Camelson

    YEEE! :D
    As Daith said, we have to meet, drink some coke and paint something! :D


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