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The is regulary preparing the Annual, which is composition of the best miniatures which appeared on CMON through the described year. This time my works have found they place in book also.

This 2009 edtion has 140 colorful pages and shows works of almost 200 painters all over the world. The selection of miniatures goes through models rated from 8.0 and above, where the author has provided the pictures in quality enough for printing. As usually, the booklet is printed in limited print run and only about 100 copies are left at the time of writing. The cost of this inspirational book is $34.99 (+ approximately $14 for shipping to Europe). Anyone interested should take a look at CMON store.

I`m really happy that this time my works had be recognized and included in this fantastic collection. Those miniatures are both Empire minis:

Marius Leitdorf Elector Count on Griffon





Polish painters in Annual 2009

As a Polish painter I found worth mentioning that many of my country colleagues has also apperead on the album pages. Great congratulations for (in alphabetical order):

Sławek Borysowski (Slawol)


Adrian Gaweł

Michał Gmitrasiuk

Jakub Gowin

Szymon Granat

Adam Hałon

Krzysztof Kobalczyk

Maciej Kulesza

Radosław Leśniewski

Jakub Łubkowski

Anna Machowska (Ana)

Piotr Mikians (Demi_morgana)

Rafał Raczyński

Szymon Rozek

Karol Rudyk

Paweł Schabowicz

Irek Siek (Irkuck)

I`m glad that the Polish representation is so numerous! Next year I hope there will be even more of us!;)


Date: April 5th, 2011
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  • C’tan

    Next year will certainly be more Poles in the annual. Polish painters are one of the best in the world!
    Congratulations for all.

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