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From today in Figartes we have a new colleague – Rafal, known as a “Rychu”.


Rychu is a Polish veteran gamer of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and WH40k now based in Cork in Ireland.

He started his hobby since he was 14 (yeah, that was a prehistoric age!). During his war path he manage to build forces of Wood Elves (4 000 pts), Bretonnians (3 000 pts) and Blood Angels (2 000 pts). After a few years break from hobby he decided to return once again to the brush what in all made him won local painting contests in hobby shops in Dublin and Cork.

In his free time when he is not drinking paint or throwing dices at his battle friend he sanks into World of Warcraft realm or masters his force arguments in the gym ;).

His works can be found in his personal album in Gallery section or on a CMON profile. Take a look on some of his newest works:

Glade Guards Death Company






I`m sure you will make him a warm welcome in Figartes!

Date: April 12th, 2011
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