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This miniature is particulary rare. According to resources from The Stuff of Legends the gyrocopter model comes from 1991 and for the first time appeared in Red Catalogue. It`s hard to say who exactly was behind the sculpt of it. One of our long-standing collectors found this miniature on ebay and brought it to us in this condition:


Dwarf Gyrocopter. Found on Ebay, before repainting

It took some time and some really high-active chemical liquids to recover the model to it`s primary shape. But that was essential before I went farer.


Gyrocopter after carefull cleaning and scrubbing old paint.

After some work with pinning and trying to find the most comfortable way of putting all model together I went to painting. The colour scheme was already provided (yep, those are the same blue-green dwarfs like before), so there was not so much place for inventions. I just sticked to the greasy feeling of Makaisson`s machinery. The effect you can see here:

Dwarf Gyrocopter (Apr`15)

Dwarf Gyrocopter (Apr`15)

Ok, if you managed to this very end I own you a word of explanation about this miniature. As a player I have a very mixed feelings about Dwarf race as a whole (my Skavens don`t have enough luck usually) so I wanted to revenge in some way and make a subtle joke. That`s why the pilot was painted as he was wearing a pijama :-)

Date: April 25th, 2015
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