About us

Figartes is a professional painting studio established in 2011 and run by a couple: Malgorzata “Kuczek” Jacko and Przemek “Szary” Jacko. We offer all kind of miniatures services: painting, converting, cleaning, assembing and sculpting.
Malgorzata Jacko aka “Kuczek”

kuczekI`m Malgorzata (in Polish) which stands for Margharet. I paint miniatures since 1998. At the beginning my painting was just an “artistic” support to my brothers Dwarf army. Quickly turned out that my works were kindly commented between other gamers asking for commissions. Later I took part and won some local painting competitions. Thanks to that in 2004 I joined former painting group Malleus Mini Art Studio and then from 2007 I cooperate with Chest of Colors. In 2013 I started cooperation as studio painter with Polish bits manufacturers – MaxMini.eu and Kromlech.eu.

Kuczek at work in studio.

I love painting females miniatures. As a women I see that there is a lot of imperfections both in sculpt and painting feminine models so that kind of challenges I like the most. That`s maybe why I owned small collection of Wood Elves, which I play from time to time.

Amongst my most recognizable achievements are:

  • 2014 – Hussar, Warsaw – honourable mention Large Model Sci-Fi – Black Swan
  • 2014 – Hussar, Warsaw – honourable mention Squad – Orc Tank Hunters Team
  • 2008 – Golden Demon Poland, Poznan – First cut Single LotR – Eowyn
  • 2008 – Golden Demon Poland, Poznan – First cut Single Fantasy – Dwarf Deamon Slayer
  • 2004 – Arena, Cracow – 1st place Large Miniature – Bretonnian Pegasus

Besides painting miniatures I`m also licensed architect and in free time I`m experimenting with photographing.


Przemek Jacko aka “Szary”

My name is Przemek (no English equivalent), known also as a “Szary” or “Jacko”. I`m miniature modeller and painter since 1997. I was a former member of miniature painting studios: Malleus Mini Art Studio (2004-2005) and Chest of Colors (2005-2010). During 2006-2008 I worked as a hobby manager in Bard Centrum Gier, the biggest gaming center in Poland. In 2008 I was invited to the Games Workshop for a job interview as a miniature painter.

Winners of Golden Demon 2008 Poland, Poznan.

I won several prizes at painting competitions, amongst which are:

  • 2015 – Hussar, Warsaw – honourable mention Fantasy Unit – Guldursons Hammerers
  • 2012 – Hussar, Warsaw – honourable mention Single Fantasy – Caradryan the Sea Fenix
  • 2011 – Grey Seer, Gorzow Wlkp. – 2nd place Large Model – Verminlord
  • 2008 – Golden Demon Poland, Poznan – 1st place Squad/Unit Harlequin Freaks
  • 2006 – Wojenny Mlot, Warsaw – 1st place Lotr Single – Celeborn
  • 2004 – Arena, Cracow – 1st place Single Miniature – High Elf BSB
  • 2004 – Arena, Cracow – 3rd place Large Miniature – Dwarf Goblin-Hewer
  • 2005 – Arena, Cracow – 1st place Unit – Mordheim Skaven Warphunters
  • 2003 – Wojenny Mlot, Warsaw – 3rd place Unit – Skaven Clanrats of Skryre
  • 2003 – Arena, Cracow – 1st place Single Miniature – Dwarf Deamon-Slayer

My works were published in:

  • Games Workshop website 13.12.2011 (Marius Leitdorf)
  • Games Workshop website 08.07.2011 (WE Sorceress, HE Teclis, Empire Bishop, Verminlord)
  • Games Workshop website 05.07.2011 (Lord Skrolk, Malekith on Pink Dragon)
  • CMON Annual 2010
  • CMON Annual 2009 (Marius Leitdorf, Empire Hero on Griffon)

Since the very beginning of my hobby I was collecting Skaven army, which includes now more than 500 miniatures (~8000 pts). Beside my skavens I also have small detachment of WH40k Grey Knights (2000 pts), Ogre Kingdoms army (2500 pts), Confrontation Wolfen of Ylia pack, Mordheim Skaven Warband, some LotR Wood Elves and many, many more miniatures.

In everyday life I work as a manager in an interactive agency.


Shanti, the dark observer

shanti This little lady is all time visitor at the studio. Silently observing all things she is an inherent guest at Figartes.